Thursday, 3 November 2022

Communication technologies with example

Communication technology in multimedia services play a significant role and influence the task 1 and ensure prompt and reliable communication. Communication technology have moved beyond trying to provide face to face communication.

1. Internet: Internet provide a significant role in providing multimedia in different forms like:

Email: It has become standard form of business communication. Modern software allows us to send the same email to all interested parties so that we can keep our message, name and products in forefront of our minds.

Other application include, social networking, sending MMS etc. 

2. Fax : Facsimiles is used for sending messages over the telephone network. Modern fax machines are digital, making it possible to send a message over a wireless connection. Faxes can be sent over a wireless connection and received by the fax machine of the recipient.

3. Teleconferencing: Also termed as phone conferences which allow the participants to listen to each other. They are connected through a phone call using an option of conferencing. Participants enter a unique code or number to bridge the call.

4. Video Conferencing: It is the best communication medium when companies want to reach different people across different time zones or countries. This medium uses a camera, loudspeakers, internet connections and microphones to connect different people at the same time. The equipment used allows everyone to see, speak and listen to each other.

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