Sunday, 6 November 2022

What is Audio file format

Audio File Format :

When we create multimedia, it is likely that we deal with file formats and translators for text, sounds, images, animations or digital video clips. A sound file's format is simply a recognized methodology for organizing the digital sounds data bits and byte into a data file.

In macintosh, digitized sound may be stored as data file like: AIF or SDII they may be stored as resources in the resources fork of the system or application as SNDS. In windows, a digital sound are most commonly stored as WAV files, for Internet, new format are emerging as companies develop solutions for streaming and playing sound on the web. Both window and macintosh uses MIDI files. A MIDI interface is built into many sound boards on the PC.

Digital Video:

Full integrated of motion video on computer eliminates the analog TV form of video from the multimedia delivery platform. If a video clip is stored as data on a hard disk, CD-ROM or other mass storage devices, that clip can be played back on the computer's monitor without overlay boards, video disc player or second monitors. This playback of digital video is accomplished using software architectured such as quick time or AVI. As a multimedia producer or developer, we may need to convert video source material from its still common analog form to a digital form manageable by the end user's computer system.

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