Wednesday, 15 February 2023

Application of computer in Degital would || Application of computer

In today's world, the computers are widely used by all to solve complex, scientific, business administrative and day to day problems. They have played a major role in automating many industrial and business domains. They make people life easier and comfortable. Anything that the computers do is just as the result of human instructions. They execute the instructions using the hardware as well as software, no matter whether they are correct or wrong.

The use of computer saves a lot of time and it makes all the governmental and business services available at one's hand reach. The main advantages of using computers are:

(1) High processing speed
(2) High backup storage 
(3) Parallel processing
(4) User friendliness
(5) Sharing of resources
(6) Affordable cost
(7) Reduction in man power and
(8) High accuracy

Further, the information systems are deployed in almost all the industries. Information systems such as management information system, Decision support system effectively utilize the database storage and retrieval process. They provide sophisticated user interface so that any naïve employee can use it with minimum training. Also, preparation of reports is easy and time saving in these systems. Therefore, they are useful to the managers and high level of executives of any industries.

The advent of internet and World Wide Web (www) in the 90s, has changed our lives tremendously and it helps us to connect with the other part of the world. As a result, all the government and business organisation invariably own their web portal for promoting their business. As a result, the information pertaining to the organizations are showcased effectively to their stakeholders.

With the use of big data analytics it is possible to extract the potential knowledge from the database and to predict the future. The advent of cloud computing technology allows us to share the resources at lower cost.

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